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Thursday, January 20, 2011

PLAN TO PERFORM.... Journey of thousand miles begin with a single step.

Few weeks before the Examinations
§ Prepare a study plan by combining favorite and not so favorite subjects in the study plan of a day.
§  Try and complete two Model Question Examinations (each subject) in this time.
§  Have fixed time of sleep and relaxation (including T.V. time).
§ Meditate and give autosuggestions every day - to be clam in the examination situation.
§ Discuss with one's parent or sibling or friend regarding examination preparation from time to time.
Few days before the examinations
n Prepare a revision time table.
n Make your books, notes and essays more user friendly
with summary notes, headings, subheadings, highlighting
and revision cards.
n Find out what way of revising suits you- alone or with a
friend, morning or late at night, short, sharp bursts or
longer revision sessions.
n Take notes of important points when revising as an aid
for future revision. Look at past examination paper and try
answering some of the questions.
n If you feel stressed out, talk to someone you feel
comfortable to.
n Collect new notes and materials from friends, read and learn
them till the last minute without time for revision.
n Sit for long hours continuously to read by not taking breaks for
bath, food, relaxation and sleep. It makes you feel more tired, reduces
concentration and makes studying boring and anxiety producing. Or
keep awake whole night and reading for few days before the
n Excessive use of Coffee or Tea to keep awake the
whole night.
n Give up studying totally.
n Spending time to trace the .question papers. or teachers who are
probably involved in paper setting.

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